The lightweight ROE Magic Cube is an optimal LED panel for indoor/outdoor use with black waterproof LEDs, making it an exceptional LED solution for outdoor stages.

Magic Cube MC-5H MC-7H MC-9H MC-12H MC-18H
Pixel Pitch 5.769 mm 7.5 mm 9.375 mm 12.5 mm 18.75 mm
Pixel Density 30,044px/sqm 17,778px/sqm 11,378px/sqm 6,400px/sqm 2,844px/sqm
Max. Brightness(CD/m2) 5000(Multicolor 2727)
6000(NationStar 2727)
5000(Multicolor 3535)
5000(NationStar 2727)
5500(NationStar 3535) 6000(NationStar 3535) 4800(NationStar 3535)
Panel Dimension
(W×H×D)Light Fram
600mm×600mm×89mm 600mm×600mm×85mm 600mm×600mm×85mm 600mm×600mm×85mm 600mm×600mm×85mm
Panel Dimension
(W×H×D)Tour Frame
600mm×600mm×95mm 600mm×600mm×95mm 600mm×600mm×95mm 600mm×600mm×95mm 600mm×600mm×95mm
Panel Weight
(Light Frame)

HB Black 10.4 kg; 22.91 lbs
White 9.5 kg; 20.99 lbs

8.0kg; 17.62 lbs 7.5kg; 16.51 lbs 7.0kg; 15.41 lbs
Panel Weight
(Touring Frame)
17.0kg; 37.48 lbs HB Black 15.7 kg; 34.55 lbs
White 14.8 kg; 32.63 lbs
13.3kg; 29.32 lbs 12.8kg; 28.22 lbs 12.2kg; 26.79 lbs
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