ROE Visual’s Red Dot award-winning Black Marble high-end floor panel brings creativity to your feet. Available with a high-contrast glass or matte or mirror finish, these floor panels are suited for a wide range of creative uses.

Black Marble BM4 Stair (Matt Only) BM4 BM15 BM15P-Hybrid BM15P-Spotlight
Pixel Pitch 4.76mm 4.76mm 15.24mm 15.24mm 150mm
Pixel Density 44,058 px/sqm 44,058 px/sqm 4,306 px/sqm 4,306 px/sqm 44/sqm
Max. Brightness 2,000nits

Glass: 1,200nits
Matte: 2,000nits
Mirror: 1,300nits

1,500nits(NationStar 3535) 1,500nits(NationStar 3535) 16X900lm(High Power LED)
Viewing Angle 140° 140° 120° 120°
Tile Dimension (WxHxD) 609.6mmX206mmX90.4mm

Glass: 609.6mmX609.6mmX130mm 
Matte: 609.6mmX609.6mmX130mm 
Mirror: 609.6mmX609.6mmX130mm 

609.6mmX609.6mmX130mm 609.6mmX609.6mmX130mm
Tile Weight 4.7kg; 10.36lbs Glass: 22kg; 48.5lbs
Matte: 16.75kg; 36.93lbs
Mirror: 22kg; 48.5lbs
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