Create Visual Illusions Beyond Your Imagination

Black Marble BM5 & BM5i LED panels are designed to offer creative solutions for any floor or stage. With its enhanced options, like the anti-moire finish on the BM5 and added interactivity on the BM5i, these panels are an ideal solution for broadcast, live music, corporate events and a variety of other applications.


Black Marble BM5-Matte BM5-Glass
Pixel Pitch 5.76mm 5.76mm
Pixel Density 30,044 px/m² 30,044 px/m²
Max. Brightness 2,000 nits 800 nits
Tile Dimension(WxHxD) 600mm x 600mm x 103mm 600mm x 600mm x 103mm
Panel Weight 13.5 kg; 29.76 lbs 13.5 kg; 29.76 lbs
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